What is OperaDDS?

OperaDDS is a comprehensive office management solution including Recall, Web Chat, Secure Email, Staff Messaging, File Storage, Treatment Cases, and Digital Forms


Opera offers solutions in one login that are typically handled by multiple companies resulting in multiple log ins, multiple bills, and multiple missed tasks. How great does it sound to be more productive with less stress? Below is an overview of the multitude of solutions that might fit your office. 



(Text, Email, Postcards, 2 way texting, Mass Texting/Mass Emailing)

  • Full customization of reminders, past due, and welcome enrollment letters, allows your office to choose when and how your patients will receive their alerts.
  • 5 minutes is the average time a patient is waiting to hear word back when they reply to an appointment reminder. After 5 minutes they are no longer prioritizing that conversation and will get back to it much later. OperaDDS allows your staff to instantly reply back to your patients with two way texting, right from the OperaDDS window they already have open to process forms, send secure emails, and communicate inside the office.
  • "Action required" notifications alert your staff to what needs to be handled to reduce spillage and overlooking. 
  • Reduce no-shows with OperaDDS' month at a glance recall calendar. OperaDDS allows your staff to look at the entire month to easily see which patients haven't confirmed their appointments. Since your staff know exactly who to call, they can confirm the appointment book, and update the PMS right from the OperaDDS window, with less effort than typical recall efforts.  Want to go fully automated?  Opera will take the confirmations for you and auto confirm your Dentrix, Eaglesof, OpenDental calendars.  
  • Instant mass communication. OperaDDS allows you to send multiple text messages and multiple emails out to groups of patients. This is great for offices that utilize a sooner if possible list, or for sending end of year benefit motivation emails.
  • Our recall system, allows any of your front desk staff to instantly see any recall message that has been sent out to patients to make referencing and answering questions take less time.
  • Keep patients happy by consolidating recall messages based on their preference. Send just one message to the responsible party for the entire days appointments, or send everyone their own reminder. Its as easy clicking one button and your patient is being communicated to, in the way they prefer. 


(Secure Web-Chat/Emergency after hours texting)

  • Imagine being able to sit through an entire movie with family, or go to dinner with out the anxiety of that impending emergency call, all while never missing a single emergency. Care-Text is a revolutionary system that allows your patients to securely communicate with on-call staff with out giving out phone numbers and interrupting important family time. Patients can text in right from your practice web-page, staff can reply, and the whole conversation is saved so staff can reference it whether its the next day, or after a long holiday weekend. 

Secure Email:

(Send X-rays and other important PHI to patients or other offices)

  • Insure your office against HIPAA infractions and mistakes with OperaDDS's email retraction. Send your secure emails with the confidence that a message can be pulled back, if it was sent to the wrong person, or has the wrong information attached to it.
  • Spend less time "zipping" files and images. OperaDDS allows you to send attachments with unlimited upload size.
  • Make it easy for your patients to access their secure emails by sending a one time activation code right to their cell phone. No more lost sticky notes and patients calling because they forgot the code you gave them.
  • No need to change your primary e-mail. In fact we encourage you to continue using what you are already use to for all of your non e-PHI needs. When you need to send sensitive information, click the email tab and send it with OperaDDS!
  • Draft your referral and lab cases digitally, send to your partners, and patients at the same time to reduce the amount of follow up your staff have to do.
  • Stop worrying if your system and hard drives are secure, store your sensitive information with OperaDDS and our military grade protection will ensure only the authorized people have access, while you get to access that information from where ever you need.

Staff Messaging: 

(Stay connected in or out of the office, both securely and efficiently)

  • Send messages to just one person, a group of staff, or the entire team with just a few clicks
  • Access securely on any device, whether its the PC at your front desk, a tablet in your sterilization room, your doctor using their phone from a conference, or using a smartwatch to get the information regarding the next patient on your wrist. The system knows what computer you are at, so all you have to do is log in.
  • Walk into every appointment prepared with custom checklist messages. Your doctor team gets to decide what they would like to know before they go in to every appointment, and staff just have to fill in the blanks. 
  • Send messages privately or urgently to get the attention of the person you need to talk to right away, with out getting the attention of someone who doesn't need to see it.
  • Increase staff utilization by seeing who is logged in or not.
  • No more missed messages because staff didn't have the right window up, or because they closed out of the window. Desktop notifications allow your staff to stay in the know and communicate even while working in a different program like Eaglesoft.
  • Know that your message was received and being action-ed with one touch confirm and one touch confirm all.
  • Multi task even better with OperaDDS' custom timer. The custom timer will send a message to which ever staff, or group you want, letting them know that a certain amount of time has passed.. For example, set up your milling chamber, and set the timer, the system will let the doctor know when the crown has finished. 
  • Each staff chooses their own alert tone so they know when a message is for them with out needing to look at the computer.

A system is only effective if the employees are using it, and with the large amount of systems that are put in front of dental professionals today, we have released awesome features that make it even more advantageous for clinical staff to love using OperaDDS.

  • Reduce the amount of work that is duplicated by letting OperaDDS save important information that was discussed during your patients appointment. At the end of the day, staff can copy and paste pager messages to make recalling pertinent appointment information as simply and stress free as possible.
  • Spend less time chasing down clinical staff that forgot to document on a patient by letting your staff use OperaDDS to reference what was discussed during their appointment
  • With direct integration into Eaglesoft, OperaDDS is the only intra-office communication system that pulls in your patient information from Eaglesoft and combines it with our patented check list to make referencing and documenting easier. Simply search for the patient in OperaDDS, and see any pager message that was sent regarding that patient. Whether its recalling advice or guidance from a doctor, or documenting important information for liability reasons down the road.
  • Spend less time typing with full customization of canned responses. Instead of retyping the same phrases and commands day after day, just select the commonly used phrase and click send. Imagine coordinating a room to be set up, running financials and clearing your calendar, with just a handful of mouse clicks.
  • In a hurry? Only OperaDDS allows you to combine the robust communication with the ease of one touch paging. Simply click on their name, and the staff member receives an alert to come to where you are. 

Digital Forms:

  • Go truly paperless with OperaDDS forms. From patient intake and insurance information, to clinical consent and treatment forms, our digital forms will allow you to capture signatures digitally and send them to your PMS system with out having to print, scan or shred paper documents.
  • Reduce medical errors by not having to decipher poor handwriting.
  • Reduce costs of toner, paper and shredding costs by going completely digital.
  • Reduce stress on your front desk staff by having all forms come in digitally. Life is much less stressful when there isn't a constant stack of papers that need to be filed, on top of scanning, and shredding as well. 
  • Provide a better patient experience by never having to leave a patient alone while staff searches for the right form, just grab an iPad or Android tablet to simply fill and sign any form electronically. 
  • With the OperaDDS suite, you can send all of your new patient forms automatically right to your new patients when the recall system sends their welcome letter.  
  • Patients  are less likely to fill out a form for a dental office if it is a PDF that they are required to print off and remember to bring in. With OperaDDS when they complete the form, it gets sent right to your staff's action center and will alert the staff to process the form.
  • Patients feel like they have too many usernames and passwords as it is, and don't want to create more, just to fill out your forms. With OperaDDS, patients are never required to log in or create an account to fill out a form. Our system automatically recognizes, and renames their form to make keeping track of forms as simple as possible, all with out requiring a log in while remaining HIPAA compliant.
  • Send your consent forms via text or email to guardians and responsible parties if treatment plans change for minors while they are in the office. 


 General Info:

  • Action center combines the notifications of each of the products and aggregates into one area, making it less stressful for staff to manage multiple tasks at once.
  • Cloud based, allows staff to use OperaDDS on any device, from anywhere they are being required to work. 
  • Despite having a the right tools, its tough to make sure staff are using them to keep patients happy and operations on track. Keep track of your staff even easier by receiving email alerts when actions are left unfinished.
  • No required contracts means that OperaDDS is constantly striving to be the best partner to you, since you are free to leave when ever you decide to. 
  • Stop being nickle and dimed by other companies when you need support using a system. Once you pay for installation, you never have to pay for support requests, follow up training, or just any help that you or your colleagues might need. 
  • One on one installation and set-up means that we don't just hand you a username and password and tell you good luck. You will have a dedicated on-boarding and training professional to take you through your account one on one to make sure you know how to use it.
  • 24/7 support. It means what it means, we have your back everyday of the week, no matter when you call.
  • Referral program reduces the cost of your OperaDDS account each time you refer a friend or partner to us. AT some point the system is going to be free, and we have options to compensate you from donating to a charity of your choice, to sending a check directly to the referring person. If multiple people in your office are referring, let us send you a check to buy your staff lunch every time your referral signs up. 
  • Multi-tasking- OperaDDS lets staff easily do multiple tasks at once. For example, send a message to request that front desk staff run patient financials, and clear the calendar, all with out standing around waiting to interrupt them while they are communicating to a patient.